The Rebirth of Illumine Photography – A Story of Love, Growth, and the Rekindling of a Passion

Rebirth journal

Many of you first met me two decades ago when Dave and I were dating (now happily married for 17 years!). All those years ago, Dave encouraged me to walk away from my desk job and pursue my passion of photography. I took the leap and launched my first company, Illumine Photography. Excitement mingled with fear as I delved into this new venture, discovering what truly lit me up.

Every moment behind the lens felt magical. After several years, Dave and I married and also merged our respective businesses, creating David Lynn Photography. Together, we’ve had the most incredible experiences working alongside each other capturing weddings, families, travel destinations, and so much more. While David Lynn Photography continues to flourish, a longing to pursue my own path —particularly in capturing the essence of soulful women and their work in the world— has been growing within me.

Now, after all these years, the time has come to breathe new life into Illumine Photography. The new website is just weeks away, and I’m thrilled to embark on this soulful adventure once more. Your support means the world—please share with the soulful women in your life and stay tuned for the beauty ahead!

FB: LynnTownsend
Insta: LynnTownsendPhotographer

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