About Lynn Townsend

About Lynn

Meet Lynn Townsend

Meet Lynn, a passionate photographer with 20 years of experience, dedicated to capturing the essence of women and their businesses through heartfelt connections and authentic imagery.

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About Lynn

Lynn sees life as a sacred encounter with oneself and the world. Known for her ability to listen deeply and put her subjects at ease, Lynn creates a meaningful experience for each and every client. Beyond her love for photography, Lynn’s own health journey has deeply influenced her path. Finding much solace and guidance from healers herself, she’s drawn to supporting women in the healing arts.

Bridging cultures, fostering community, and empowering women truly lights her up! She draws on her diverse background in photography, journalism, and international travel, coupled with her experience teaching ESL and collaborating with nonprofits on cultural integration. Lynn’s work has been featured in numerous printed and digital publications.

Based in the Denver, CO area, she shares life with her beloved children and husband, also an accomplished photographer!

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Bridging cultures

Fostering community

Empowering women

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Intuitive, personable and gracefully professional.

"You created a sanctuary for me and helped me to come alive, naturally, in front of the camera." - Asha C.

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