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Lynn Townsend

Authentic Photography

for soulful women


Lynn Townsend

Authentic Photography

for soulful

About Lynn

Meet Lynn Townsend

Meet Lynn, a passionate photographer with 20 years of experience, dedicated to capturing the essence of women and their businesses through heartfelt connections and authentic imagery.

Lynn Townsend Illumine photography

Feel the difference

At Illumine Photography, we know that it only takes one, gorgeous, authentic image to speak right to our hearts; we feel the difference immediately.

Authenticity exudes warmth, welcoming, trust, and connection. It stops the scroll, grounds us into the present moment, and establishes genuine connection and trust. If just one authentic image can do all of that, imagine a website and social media presence FULL of them!

Work with me


Branding Photography


Authentic Portraits


Giving Back

1. Branding Photography

for souful businesses

Branding Photography

Powerfully communicate
your brand

Gain confidence, become more visible, and reach those who need you most.

Illumine photography


”Authenticity soothes the soul.”

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli

2. Authentic Portraits

for soulful women

portraits illumine photography

Rediscover your
inner essence

A soulful journey to rediscover your inner essence. More than just a photo session, it’s an expression of your unique beauty and individuality.


Our client stories

"To be photographed by Lynn Townsend is to be seen - truly.

Lynn has the rare ability to capture essence and somehow make a photo shoot feel like a rich conversation. Her approach is highly intuitive, personable and gracefully professional. I can honestly say that being in front of her camera is a delight (which I typically dread).

So if you’re lucky enough to book time with Lynn, look forward to seeing yourself through a masterfully authentic and beautifully human lens that’s ALL YOU."
Astrid K.
Brand Strategist
"Frankly, the time went by too quickly, Lynn. Breathing deeply, laughing, clambering, cuddling my Gordon-dog...all the things I'd normally be doing in that setting, only captured on film this time. Amazing. The collection of photos generated from that joyous session is delightful...

I honestly never thought I'd ever enjoy looking through pictures of myself, but your artful design of each shot chased away any self-criticism and invited me to celebrate instead. They capture me at my best, open, curious, relaxed, and will help people coming to my business pages to feel a heart-connection to me before they've even met me."
Margaret R.
Marketing coach for small, thoughtful businesses
“Lynn, right away when we met I loved your energy, before I’d even seen your beautiful portfolio or knew what you did. For close to 2 years I’d been searching for a photographer who felt like a fit for me, and the day we first met to talk about this, I knew for sure I had to work with you!

You took time to ask and to hear me deeply, drawing out the subtleties of what I envisioned. I’m so glad I purchased the whole library of images; now everything is branded, feels aligned, and gives me so much to choose from. These images are also helping me articulate the best, most accurate reflection of the work I offer and who I am, which feels so wonderful!

Thank you so much for helping me land into a truer version of myself. “
Marina F.
Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach
"You are soulful, sensitive and down to earth. You created a sanctuary for me and helped me to come alive, naturally, in front of the camera.

I came away from the whole experience deeply connected to myself, while also feeling rejuvenated and so inspired."
Asha C.
Entrepreneur, Yoga Nidra Teacher
"When I first saw your photographs, I could feel something far deeper ... it was a Soul quality that I wanted reflected in my photos as well. When we started working together, I felt like you could almost see more of my vision than I could!

I was blown away at how clear you were in creating sessions that would truly reflect me. My sessions with you have felt like pure magic; an opportunity not just to be photographed, but to tap into all that I feel capable of being.”
Kim M.
Life and Leadership Coach
I could never go to anyone else now! We have been spoiled by her amazingly sweet, and positive attitude, We fell in love with her sincere and playful way she makes us feel so comfortable during a shoot.

Lynn is a tireless professional, who really understands your goals, and will work with you (even with picky details) to get you want you wanted. The thing that underlies her work - and is really the sparkling gem - is that you really feel heard.

She gets to the root of who you are so she can bring that forward in its best light.
Elizabeth B.
Craniosacral therapist and breath educator

3. Giving Back

Projects & Art

Illumine photography Giving Back
The Sisterhood

photo project

Lynn is also the creator of the Sisterhood Photo Project. She is committed to providing photo sessions for refugee and immigrant sisters who have experienced displacement, marginalization, or trauma and seek support to aid in their healing journey.

Illumine photography Giving Back
Picture Me Here

art and storytelling

Lynn is passionate about connecting across cultures, and she has spent nearly a decade working with Picture Me Here ~ an art and storytelling program for refugees and immigrants.

Illumine photography

Lead with
your heart

"Thank you so much for helping me land into a truer version of myself."

Marina F.

You are in the right place if

This sounds like you

Illumine photography


You care about true personal connection.

Illumine photography


Your work is meaningful and you lead with your heart.

Illumine photography


You trust your intuition.

Illumine photography

who you are

You are willing to dive deep into who you are, and this is reflected throughout your life and business.

Illumine photography


You understand that to be authentic, you also need to be vulnerable, and you recognize this as one of your greatest strengths.

Illumine photography

inner work

To you, inner work is just as important as outer work.

Illumine photography

soul level

You know that health and wellness are on a physical level and also a soul level.

Illumine photography

giving back

You care about giving back and helping to make the world a better place.

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